New retailer

If you wish to sell Goodluck Trolls in your store, please fill out the New Customer Application with all the information. When we receive  the online application, your store will be registered in our systems and we can begin shipping orders to the your store.  The timespan from when a new retailer register and until we are ready ship the order is estimated  to be 5 workdays.  From hereon we advise our retailers that they will receive their order within 3-5 workdays.

Return Management

In case of  faults and defects, the you must contact bySommer ApS within “reasonable time” after delivery has been received. Complaints must be reported by using the return management form. Information must be filled out as well as image documentation for faults / defective goods are required.


Image database

Our Image Database will give you access to product pictures and press material.






Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to all transactions with bySommer ApS. All business partners are required to read and accept these prior to doing business with bySommer.




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